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White Subway Tiles: A Modern Kitchen Design Trend

These white subway tile kitchens showcase 5 fresh takes on a classic trend Many homeowners choose classic white subway tiles to give their kitchens a polished finish. They’re a versatile

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What is Competitive Bidding?

4 advantages of getting multiple estimates for your remodel Competitive bidding means inviting three to five general contractors to submit an estimate, or bid, for your remodeling project. Then, after

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My Sweeten Story: A Renovating Couple Gains Their Urban Chops

Old DIY bathroom tiles force a bigger renovation than these Hudson Yards homeowners had planned “After” photos by Miao Jiaxin for Sweeten Homeowners:Jeremy and Chris posted their Hudson Yards renovation on

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All About Wet Room Bathrooms

Definitions, pros and cons, special features, cleaning tips (Above) Sweeten homeowner Leslie’s wet-room-style bathroom renovation Designing a more efficient bathroom often means taking down barriers and smoothing traffic flow. Can opening

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