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5 entertaining essentials for your home this summer

If you plan on playing host over the summer, it could be time to upgrade your home entertaining kit and caboodle.

Summer is home-entertaining season. Backyard barbies, drinks on the deck, Christmas dinners and maybe a New Year’s Eve soiree – it’s a great time of year. 

But is your home equipped to accommodate guests?

If you need some inspiration to take your host or hostess skills up a notch, read on.

1. Entertaining indoor in comfort

Smart devices and connected everything is the latest craze among home entertainers. Want to turn the music up or down or need the recipe for a Margarita? Just ask your Alexa, Siri or Google Home assistant.

Smart home devices are taking indoor comfort to new levels.Picture: Fujitsu General

Now, Fujitsu has come out with the air conditioning market’s answer to smart technology. The anywAiR technology ducted controller by Fujitsu General uses Wi-Fi, allowing you to control it with your smartphone or tablet device. You can adjust the temperature, air flow or mode on your ducted air conditioner depending on where people are congregating to ensure comfort when needed. You can also turn your system on or off and schedule times for it to operate.

Consider it the low effort means of keeping your guests perfectly comfortable.

2. An enviable outdoor set-up

What does a great outdoor setting need? The basics might include a nice table, plenty of seating, adequate shade and perhaps a spot of decor and greenery to add interest.

You don’t need a lot to make an outdoor area cute and comfortable for an intimate crew. Picture: Getty

If you’re just setting up your outdoor area, your first item on the list will likely be a table and chairs, or a central point around which to congregate.

If you have plenty of space, an outdoor lounge setting is ideal for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, if space is tight, you can perhaps get away with a few chairs or stools and a little Parisian cafe table on the patio.

3. Audio-visual equipment

Although we’d all love a home theatre to show off every now and then, it’s not exactly a staple in most Aussie homes.

However, there is one vital piece of equipment that makes the world of difference at any home gathering: a good speaker system.

The handiest and most affordable option is a good quality, Bluetooth enabled, portable speaker to provide the ambient background music of your choosing, wherever you are in your home.

If you want to level up from there you can move onto surround sound, a projector and screen for backyard movie nights, and a smart home device.

4. A cocktail cart

Long gone are the days when an ice cooler would suffice (although it still doesn’t hurt to have one). Since the foodie revolution swept Australia – thanks #iso – we’re all trying to up our cocktail game.

Guests are coming? Time to wheel out the cocktail cart! Picture: Pexels

An avid entertainer should invest in a cocktail cart or even a decent tray to transport that round or two of Aperol Spritzes.

Your other basic cocktail (or mocktail) stock could include a variety of glassware, a cocktail jigger for measuring shots, a cocktail shaker and large ice cube trays. You may even want to get out the blender for some Pina Coladas!

5. Aesthetic touches

Assuming you have your basic ‘equipment’ sorted – crockery, cutlery, salad bowls and so on – if you love to entertain, spoil yourself and your guests with a few stylish touches.

A little posy or floral centrepiece can add to the summery atmosphere. Picture: Unsplash

Some statement serving spoons, an eye-catching water jug or an irresistible linen table cloth make some mighty fine entertaining essentials that you’ll end up using more than you realise.

To make your guests more relaxed and happy, set the mood with some scented candles and a nice flower arrangement that will give your house a welcoming aroma and is guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits.

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