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7 Takes On a Dreamy White Subway Tile Bathroom

In the bathroom, white subway tile is the perfect backdrop for classic or contemporary looks

Image of a bathroom with white subway tile

It’s no wonder why more and more homeowners are using white subway tiles in the bathroom. Its texture ranges from minimalist to custom handmade, while its bright appearance can contrast nicely with many color palettes. They are simple yet versatile pieces that give these 7 Sweeten bathroom renovations a polished and modern look, unique to each homeowner.

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Opening up a bathroom with a timeless finish

Image of a white bathroom with subway tile and walk-in shower

Sweeten homeowner Mickey wanted to renovate his bathroom for a timeless look that would appeal to the apartment’s prewar roots. He was going for a sleek, bright, and cohesive look.  

He chose clear shower doors to give a full view of the shower and make the whole room feel larger. White subway tiles go from floor-to-ceiling in the shower for simpler cleaning.

Marble-honed subway tile

Image of a bathroom with white subway tile and gold accents

Sweeten homeowner Allyson always intended to renovate her 1920s East Flatbush Brooklyn home to be more true to her creative and vibrant personality. She posted her renovation on Sweeten, which included her full bathroom. She worked with her Sweeten contractor to select pieces that would match the vintage, mid-century modern, Afrocentrist, brass, and natural wood style that she envisioned. With so many different pieces and styles being added, she looked for simple tiling as a backdrop. Her solution: off-white marble-honed subway tiles.

White subway tiles deliver a handmade look

Image of a white bathroom with subway tile and walk-in shower

Nazli and Larry undertook a gut renovation on their Brooklyn brownstone in the Bedford Historic District. They wanted to transform the space into a home that matched the needs and personality of their family. 

Since Nazli’s mom was a regular visitor, they renovated the guest bathroom to be warm and welcoming. One of Nazli’s favorite things about the guest bath is the white subway tiles that were added to the shower walls: “I love these subway tiles. They are just varied enough to give them a real handmade look rather than the flat subway tiles we usually see.” Nazli says her only regret is not using them in more spots throughout the house.

Herringbone subway tiles moving upwards

Image of a bathroom with white subway tile in a herringbone pattern

Janna and her family gutted their “disgusting,” crowded, and crumbling bathroom in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. One of the main reasons for the renovation was that a seven-foot tub consumed most of the space, leaving little storage area and a messy bathroom. On top of that, the appliances were all old and in need of an upgrade. 

Even though Janna needed to update the bathroom, she still had an appreciation for the pre-war building and wanted to maintain that feel. Janna carefully selected the materials to achieve a refreshed and spacious bathroom, without compromising the pre-war aesthetic. When it came to deciding how to tile the walls, Janna’s first choice cost $12,000, something that was not in her budget. So instead, she utilized her creativity and chose classic white subway tile for the bathroom that had a twist. Instead of the typical horizontal layout, Janna had her subway tiles in a jaunty herringbone vertical design. This unique choice added an interesting element to the bathroom, supporting the industrial look that Janna hoped for. 

Freshening up a bathroom

Image of a Clinton Hill bathroom with white subway tile and bathtub

With kids now in the picture, Courtney and Jim needed to renovate their 800-square-foot Clinton Hill apartment to have more functional storage and be more aesthetically pleasing. To update the bathroom, they installed white subway tile in splash zones for easier cleaning. The rest of the walls were left painted so they could have hanging shelves. The contrasting designs add visual variety to the mostly black and white space.

Bevel white subway tiles

Image of a renovated bathroom with white subway tile and bathtub

A bathroom leak forced Sweeten homeowners Katie and Lance to renovate. They took this opportunity to redo the design of their bathroom to better match their refined and elegant aesthetic, while still maintaining a budget. To do so, they chose bevel white subway tiles for their walls and the tub exterior. The white theme gave their bathroom the sleek, polished look they hoped to achieve. The choice of bevel subway tiles also adds an interesting texture on top of the sophisticated finish.

White subway tiles straddle a vintage and modern look

Image of a renovated bathroom with white subway tile and clawfoot tub

An upstairs leak ruined the ceiling of this 1940’s era co-op apartment bathroom, forcing architect Brian Kaplan to renovate. Looking at the damage, Brian knew this renovation would not be an overnighter. So, he turned to Sweeten for help to get it done.

As a frequent business traveler, Brian wanted to base the renovation of his bathroom on all of the luxurious spaces he had seen while traveling. He hand-selected every material that went into the renovation. The result: a bathroom mixed with vintage charm and modern luxury. To achieve a simple yet sophisticated look, Brian chose classic white subway tiles for all four walls from floor to ceiling. The tiling complements the blue accent pieces that Brian chose for the flooring and tub.

Looking to add white subway tiles to your bathroom? A Sweeten contractor can make it happen.

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