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Best Gifts for Cat Lovers


Cat in window
Steven Randazzo

Shopping for a cat lover? For the finest feline finds, look no further than this guide to the best gifts for cats and cat lovers.

If you’re in need of a unique gift for the cat lover in your life, we’ve rounded up 11 ideas that will make any cat (and human) happy.

Homes For Cats

Looking for a cozy home for your feline? Look no further than these options.

Double Decker

This weatherproof cedar cat house offers several entry points, which makes cleaning a breeze. It also offers an escape door and multiple “balconies” for your kitty to reach new heights and perch…or purrch.

About $130; Amazon

LURVIG Cat House

This cozy modern cat house can double as your nightstand. It features a scratching surface on the front, and rubber-coated feet that prevent floor damage and structural movement as your cat uses it. The unit can stand on legs, or be wall-mounted or incorporated into the IKEA KALLAX shelving system.

About $51; IKEA


This rustic classic makes a purrfect second home for your cat, especially if he or she’s the outdoorsy type. Cleverly designed with an escape door in the back so there’s no getting trapped by a would-be predator.

About $75; Amazon

Cute & Compact

This quaint cat cottage is weatherproof and easy to assemble—and it’s elevated on sturdy legs that keep kitty’s floor off the damp ground. Just raise the roof to clean the house and add a cushion or blanket inside for extra comfort.

About $75; Amazon

Cat Curb Appeal

This purr-ty outdoor cat condo stands on legs to keep rain from getting in. It features a back flap for quick escapes and a removable floor for easy cleaning. Comes with a stair and flower box…and a flat roof for sunny-day lounging.

About $140; Amazon

Cozy Beds

Fruit Tart Cat Bed

This bed is composed of a tart shell and five small fruit cushions. Add one sweet pet and the end result is the most adorable thing on the planet. Just click the link below to see what we mean.

About $22; Meowingtons

Wooden Cat Swing

This birch cat hammock’s handcrafted with care and is as good-looking as it is functional. This comfy cradle will provide endless hours of R&R for your feline friend—and won’t be an eyesore in your space. The bed can be attached to the swing frame or stand alone. Comes preassembled.

About $358 before shipping; Amazon Handmade

Fold-Out Pet Bed

This sleek design opens to accommodate growing pets or a sleepover with little furry friends! It’s ideal for stretching and snoozing, and frankly, there are few things cuter than pet-sized people furniture.

About $40; IKEA

Sweet Shelves

Cat Mod Garden Center

This customizable full wall installation offers a little bit of everything, including cutouts in wood shelves for planters to fill with cat-friendly greenery! The well-designed system provides endless adventure and satisfies your cat’s instinct to climb. Elevated safe spaces allow for worry-free cat lounging, dining, and me(ow) time.

About $505 at Amazon

Necessary Accessories

Non-tip Pet Bowls

Help pet parents keep the feeding area clean with this clever bowl by Platinum Pets. The powder-coated Better Bowl is made of non-toxic rust, scratch, and fade resistant stainless steel and has a silicone base ring that prevents skidding, tipping, and spills. Dishwasher safe and comes in a rainbow of colors.

About $15; Amazon

Hot Pursuit Automatic Laser Toy

This laser spins 360 degrees, changing directions unpredictably to keep cats entertained and on their paws. Four different speed settings allow for hours of entertainment! Ideal for keeping your cat busy and safe from being underfoot.

About $25; Meowingtons