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Watch “This Old House” Shows on The Roku Channel


Here’s how to watch full episodes of This Old House and Ask This Old House on The Roku Channel.

All New Episodes Available Every Monday on The Roku Channel.

Current Seasons

New episodes of the current seasons of This Old House and Ask This Old House are available to watch on The Roku Channel every Monday.


Select prior seasons from This Old House and Ask This Old House libraries are available free, on-demand on The Roku Channel.

Linear Channel

Stream This Old House and Ask This Old House Episodes free, 24/7/365 on The Roku Channel, Channel 456.

Premium Subscription Channel

Upgrade to the Premium Subscription option of This Old House and enjoy new and classic episodes commercial-free, plus get early access to new episodes every Thursday. Access these perks for $4.99 per month and start with a 7-day free trial.

More from This Old House on The Roku Channel

This Old House Classic Channel

Premiering October 15th on The Roku Channel

Stream This Old House episodes free, 24/7/365 on The Roku Channel, Channel 457. This Old House Classic is a live channel streaming the best, classic episodes featuring hosts Bob Vila and Steve Thomas. From the first project in Dorchester, MA, to other fan-favorite projects, This Old House Classic Channel streams the seminal episodes featuring Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and more.

Makers Channel

Premiering Fall 2021 on The Roku Channel

For more than four decades, This Old House has inspired a generation of makers to try their own hands at new trades. Master carpenter Norm Abram, who debuted on This Old House in the first episode in 1979, is an ‘original maker’ who captivated viewers for years with his artistry. Now, the This Old House Makers Channel will spotlight today’s leading makers and craftspeople and their amazing skills in woodworking, metalworking, design, building, and more. All for free, 24/7/365, on The Roku Channel.

How to Access The Roku Channel

On Your Roku Streaming Device or Smart TV

Purchase a Roku Streaming Device or Smart TV on Roku.com. Once the device is connected to your TV, select The Roku Channel app from the main app menu. Then, navigate to This Old House, or search for This Old House. From the This Old House hub, select from any of our content channels and start streaming.

On The Web

Visit TheRokuChannel.com, and stream This Old House channelsfrom your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

On Your Mobile Device

Download the Roku app from the Android or Apple store. Select The Roku Channel from the bottom nav bar, then select This Old House or search for your favorite This Old House show.

Watch on Amazon Fire TV devices

In the US, download The Roku Channel to Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, including Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Fire TV Edition soundbars.

Finding The Roku Channel is easy with Alexa, just say “Alexa, find The Roku Channel app” into your Alexa Voice Remote, a paired Echo device, or Fire TV Cube. Just say, “Alexa, find The Roku Channel” or “Alexa, open The Roku Channel” to open the app once downloaded.

You can also search by clicking the search icon in the Fire TV top navigation or download directly by clicking here. If you don’t have a Roku account, don’t worry — you won’t need an account to login into The Roku Channel on your Amazon Fire TV device.

Watch on Samsung TV

On your smart TV, press the Smart Hub button or Home button (depending on the Samsung TV model) on your remote. Then, navigate down the page to “Apps;” Search for “Roku,” The Roku Channel should appear as a search result. Select The Roku Channel app and choose “Download.”