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11 Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms


Ryann Ford/Designed by Butter Lutz Interiors

Forget those oversized, chunky bunk beds of the past—today’s bunk bed designs are sleek, cool, and every bit as cozy.

Bunk beds are an essential space-saving solution for many families. How else do you house growing kids in the same room while maximizing floor and play space at the same time? The good news is, you can say goodbye to clunky, traditional bunk beds and say hello to cool bunk bed designs that are not only functional but look good to boot.

For the best bunk bedroom ideas, we took inspiration from our favorite decorating styles. So, whether you are a minimalist, love cottage style and shiplap, mid-century design, or something more bespoke, there’s a bedroom setup below that you and your kids are bound to love.

Bunk Bed Ideas for Kids

Scandinavian-style bunk bed

Simple, clean lines make this Nordic-style bunk bed an obvious choice for families who prefer minimalist designs. Inspired by the trending “House-Shaped Bed,” this version takes it up another level thanks to the inventive, second-story addition. Full shopping and building instructions can be found on JessicaSaraMorris.com.

Birdhouse bunk bed

This twin bunk bed setup comes with a roof and ladder, but the circular cut-out window with ledge takes the cuteness factor up another notch. Kids will love perching in the window, while parents will love the three-sided guardrails. And the slatted roof is the perfect place to drape fairy lights for magical nights.

rchitect bunk bed

Modern wooden bunk beds with a floating bookcase that also functions as a ladder.
Courtesy Bates Masi + Architects/General Contracting by K. Romeo Inc.For those looking for bunk bed ideas for small rooms, look no further than architect Bates Masi’s set of floating bunk beds. This solution frees up space and offers a super-clean, linear feel. Another smart solution? The shelves do double-duty as both storage and a ladder for top bunk access.

Mid-century bunk bed

Already a popular aesthetic homeowners integrate throughout their entire home, this midcentury bunk bed from West Elm hits many marks—a timeless design that is sustainably sourced.

Cottage-chic bunk beds

If you’re looking for a WOW factor, this cute cottage bunk bed is what builders’ dreams are made of. From the shingle-clad roof to the flower boxes, this charming, customizable design has crowdpleaser written all over it.

Shiplap or wood plank bunk bed

Four bunk beds with a shiplap wall and a large pouf in the center of the room
Ryann Ford/Designed by Tribe Design GroupCool bunk bed ideas must include built-in bunks wrapped in shiplap or similar. This version also involves a clever storage solution—rather than leave the space at the foot of the beds empty, a pull-out closet was built.

Designer bunk bed

Steps, shelves galore, and the option to sleep in a full-size bed below or a twin bed up top? Yes, please. Amber Lewis of Amber Interior Design offers tons of storage (don’t overlook the built-in drawers) executed in a refined way in this handy design.

Triple bunk beds

What do you do if you have three kids you want to accommodate in one room? You build a triple bunk! As long as you have enough ceiling height, no rule says you need to stop at two beds for a bunk. Check out Foxhole Farmhouse’s how-to instructions on their Instagram highlights.

Suspended rope bunk beds

Bunk beds using ropes to suspend them
Karl Rogers/GAP InteriorsWith rope-wrapped steel braces anchored to ceiling hooks, this oak bunk bed is affixed to the wall for added security. Natural materials evoke a light, nautical vibe and contribute to the illusion that the top bunk bed is floating in the air.

Cozy and private bunk bed

The setup of this bunk bed is fairly traditional—the base is built using 2x4s and secured to the wall, but what makes this a cool bunk bed design is the simple addition of an MDF-built arch—bringing a bespoke touch to an otherwise ordinary design. The arch also hides a curtain rod that holds lush velvet privacy curtains for an even cozier look and feel.

Private bunk beds

This is a perfect bunk bed solution for growing kids who share a room but would like more privacy. You can create a sense of solitude with these bunk beds—thanks to their uber-clever center-divider design.