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A contractor with a website is a rare breed

contractor windsheld with postcard

Overwhelmingly, contractors answer “no” to the above question ( only 27% of contractors currently have a functional web site, from this book ). We know they have vans, vans and more vans. But how useful can just a van be as an advertising tool. It can tell the viewer the specific skill set of the company, some basic contact information and that they are willing to travel to the area where the van currently is. But it’s really hard to get any meaningful data from just a van.

That’s why we have created super simple websites for contractors on our site. Each website comes with:

Custom dedicated urls

Contractors can choose their own url, it can be whatever is best for your business, the name of the company, the name of the person, the person’s name and his specialty.Project Gallery

Contractors and selected homeowners/ clients who have worked with that contractor, can post before and after images and descriptions of past projects or new projects managed on the swee10 site.Relevant Rating System

Good, Fast or Cheap. Pick two. We know in the real world how many hammers, stars or A’s you get doesn’t mean anything. What matters is that you are correctly matched for the requirements of the job.

And they are completely FREE to set up.

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