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Creative Home Gym Storage for Small Spaces


A yoga mat with weights set up in a living room.

Maximize the space in your home with these unique ways to hide or disguise your workout equipment.

If you think your living space is too small to include a home gym, think again. All you need is a well-organized storage system to keep your fitness equipment in a centralized place. When it’s time for your daily workout, your gear will be right where you need it to be—and there won’t be any excuse for not getting started! Read on for tips on how to store your exercise equipment efficiently.

Ways to Store Your Workout Equipment

cart with casters

Like to keep your gym stuff hidden? Store everything on a handy cart with casters, so you can roll it in and out of the closet. The moveable baskets are great for holding items such as resistance bands and towels, while the remaining tiers could offer ample storage for sneakers, weights, and other gear.

Retro-style metal locker

A retro-style metal locker adds storage in a bedroom.
iStockForm meets function with this retro-style metal locker, perfect for boosting the design of your home gym while hiding away your gear. You can even use magnets to attach inspirational notes and photos onto the sides of this cool steel cabinet!

weight rack

Eminently practical, weight holders can be stylish, too. This tree rack fits three pairs of weights and its compact profile is great for a smaller workout space. Position this rack on a storage shelf or bench to complement the look of your home gym.

decorative hamper

A decorative seagrass hamper next to a window with a plant and a pair of women’s shoes.
iStockHampers make great fitness equipment catchalls; the trick is to choose a basket that fits your home gym decor. Select a wire mesh design for a more industrial look, or a woven seagrass one for a natural, yoga-inspired vibe.

n entry bench

A small wooden entry bench holding two rows of shoes.
iStockA rustic entry bench can serve as a storage station for your gym equipment, holding everything from running shoes to ankle weights. The best part is, you can incorporate it into your workout routine as a bench to perch on while you’re doing bicep curls or one-leg squats.

Metal bins

Reminiscent of classic locker room design, these sturdy metal bins offer an efficient storage solution for everything from fitness equipment to post-workout drinks and snacks. Plus, the industrial-chic look fits in with many types of decor, gym-themed or not.

Wall racks

A woven hamper sits in the corner of a workout room.
Chad HolderKeep your resistance bands, jump ropes, and weights tidy by hanging them up on a super-strong wall rack. Some racks are designed with solid steel prongs to hold heavy gym items. These units help decrease clutter in your exercise space, while increasing its functionality.

With these creative home gym storage ideas, you can stock up on your go-to fitness equipment while keeping clutter to a minimum—and get your daily exercise from the comfort of your own home.

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