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How to fast-track your kitchen renovation

There are ways to cut down the time spent on your renovation without cutting corners on the renovation itself. 

At this point of the year, it’s incredibly difficult to get a kitchen renovation in before Christmas. However, if you’re dreaming of a having a brand new kitchen in time for the holiday season, it’s not impossible.

You just need to know where to look and consider a few important factors.

Minimise your suppliers

Or, better yet, just use the one!

Haven Kitchens by Formica™ offers all your design, product and installation needs in one place, promising you an end-to-end job within a week.

Yes, it is possible to have a new kitchen within weeks.

“We sell the cabinets, the door fronts, bench tops, splash backs, handles, sinks, taps and appliances,” Haven Kitchens by Formica™ marketing manager Julia Willcox explains.

“Everything you need to finish your kitchen you can get under one roof as opposed to going to many different suppliers.”

If using Haven Kitchens by Formica™ as your one-stop-shop, all you need to do is pick your tradesperson, share your desires for the design, sign off and the rest is history.

Check what’s in stock

The last thing you want is to find out that your desired products are out of stock just as you’re ready to kick-start your renovation.

Many building supplies are currently in short supply which means that one out-of-stock product could delay your project, or leave you with an unfinished kitchen for months!

Furthermore, it can take weeks, even months, of waiting for the manufacturing and shipping of your selected products once they are available.  

One of the main reason renovations can take so long is that you need for wait for your products to be made or shipped.

“If you have a specific door front you want for example, that can take around six weeks to manufacture,” Julia explains.

“It takes a long time, particularly if you’re after a 2PAC, painted finish, which a lot of people are.”

If you’re after a quick renovation, be sure to consider whether your selected items are readily available and, better yet, if you can pick them up yourself.

This can also protect you against setbacks caused by shipping delays or mishaps, like a product being damaged in transit.

“[At Haven Kitchens by Formica™], we have everything in stock, so if something arrives damaged, we just swap it out straight away,” Julia says.

Keep decision-making simple

Decision fatigue during a renovation is real!

Part of the renovation process is picking what you want, from paint colours, to door handles, cabinet designs and appliance brands.

Don’t overcomplicate your decision making. There is such a thing as too much variety!

The best way to get a renovation off the ground quickly is to avoid the nonsense. Unless you’re a design whizz with a mega budget, having too many options only complicates and confuses things.

“People can agonise over 10 different whites,” Julia offers as an example.

“[At Haven Kitchens by Formica™] we’ve simplified the decision-making process with a curated range of colours, doors profiles and finishes.”

When researching your kitchen renovation, seek out a supplier with a carefully selected catalogue from which you can choose.

Remember that you can always jazz up a simple kitchen with decor and furniture.

Use trusted tradespeople

Finally, if you want to fast track a kitchen renovation, use reliable, properly qualified tradespeople.

Julia finds that DIY attempts often result in unfinished or inefficient jobs that will get dragged on far longer than necessary.

By using trusted tradespeople, you’re less likely to end up with mishaps during the renovation or down the track.

Images supplied by Haven Kitchens by Formica™.

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