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Doors need to be able to perform their function and that can become difficult when they are damaged beyond repair. When this happens, a replacement door is the way to go.

Replacement Doors

New doors can improve your home’s overall appearance, energy efficiency, and security. This is a project that can boost your home’s value and make you feel more comfortable in it. Visit https://yourhomeexteriors.com/ to learn more.

Often, homeowners choose to replace doors because they want a new look. A fresh coat of paint, decorative glass, and new hardware can add a whole lot of curb appeal. Plus, a new door can increase your home’s value if you ever decide to sell.

Door replacement is also an opportunity to add new energy-efficiency features. Replacing a traditional single-panel wood door with a high-efficiency steel door will help save you money on your utility bills. It will also protect your home from the elements and allow more natural light inside.

Doors make an impression on your friends, neighbors and guests, and they can either say “welcome” or “frigid.” Rusted, dented or warped doors are not only unsightly; they’re a security risk. Similarly, sagging levers and leaky closers not only are unattractive, they can jeopardize building and fire codes.

A new door will immediately add aesthetic appeal to your house. And while you may be able to fix certain problems with repairs, a new replacement is the best way to transform your entrance and give the entire front of your home a fresh look.

You’ll be surprised at how many choices are available when it comes to selecting replacement doors. Whether you’re looking for the perfect color or style, or you want to upgrade with decorative glass, a replacement specialist will help you select the right option to match your home.

Replacing a front door is one of the easiest ways to improve your curb appeal. You’ll be able to choose a color that complements your home and choose a design that will catch the eye of passersby.

If you’re a DIY homeowner, you can install a pre-hung replacement door in a day. All you need to do is measure the width and height of your existing door to determine the size that you’ll need to order. You’ll then be able to pick a door that matches your existing frame and trim. Depending on the type of material you select, you’ll need to paint or stain your new door as needed to finish off the look.


Door replacements accomplish many things within a home including providing privacy, delineating space and supplementing aesthetics. However, they also serve a very important function as the main point of entry into the house. That means that it needs to be sturdy enough to keep out unwanted elements like moisture, dirt and pests. It also needs to be able to provide security through lock and latch systems.

If doors become difficult to open, close or lock, it may be a sign that they need to be replaced and that they are no longer as secure as they were when they first installed. Replacing them with new doors will help ensure that they continue to do their job and protect the family.

Exterior doors are usually hung on a frame and the quality of that frame is critical to the overall functionality of the door. If it isn’t hung plumb, level and square, it can put undue stress on the hinges and cause them to bind or not work properly. It can also cause rot or other problems with the door itself.

Most exterior doors are made of steel or fiberglass which offer tremendous durability compared to the wood that was used in the past. They won’t warp, swell or rot and they can be painted with a paint that will hold up well against moisture. These modern doors are also much more resistant to fire and insects than their traditional counterparts.

Interior doors also come in a variety of materials with varying degrees of durability. Some are very low-cost with a hollow core covered in veneer which is great for an economic interior door. Others are more durable with a solid wood or laminate core. Some are available with a fire-rated rating and others have a high level of security with multiple locks or a glass pane in the door itself.

For businesses and hospitals, doors need to be able to accommodate employees who need to move throughout the building on a routine basis. This often involves badges that must be swiped to gain access to different areas and rooms. This is a situation where a door that requires electronic lock hardware can be very beneficial and can greatly reduce the cost of labor when employees have to go through an extra step to gain entry.

Energy Efficiency

Your doors are one of the major sources of heat loss in your home, which means that if they’re not well insulated or have lost their seal, it can significantly increase your energy bills. Replacing your exterior door with a new, energy efficient model can help reduce these costs over time.

uPVC doors offer a great choice for energy efficiency and can be made with double or triple glazed windows to improve insulation and help prevent draughts. They can also be fitted with Low-E coatings which reflect the sun’s rays, helping to keep your home cooler in summer.

If you live in a cold climate, replacing your doors with a uPVC option can be a great way to cut down on energy costs. The extra insulation will keep the warm air in and reduce your heating bills. The glazed options can also offer increased light and a view to the outside of your home without compromising privacy.

In addition to keeping your home warmer and more comfortable, new replacement doors can help reduce outside noises. This is particularly important if you live on a busy road or in a noisy neighbourhood. With a good locking system and extra layer of insulation, you’ll find it much harder to hear any unwanted sounds from the outside.

It’s also a good idea to replace your doors if they’ve become difficult to open or close. This is often a sign that the door has warped, and it may not be safe or secure to use anymore. Replacing your doors will ensure they remain functional and give you peace of mind for years to come.

If you opt for a wood-based door, make sure it’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to avoid contributing to deforestation and climate change. You can also choose a glass-based model which will be more energy efficient, depending on the type of glazing used and whether it’s double or triple glazed. A glazed door with a gap between the panes of glass allows for air or an inert gas, such as argon, to be trapped, stopping heat from passing through.


Your doors do more than just protect your home; they are a key part of your security system. Almost all burglars enter through the front door, and if you have an old door that looks shabby, it’s not difficult for thieves to break into your residence. Replacement doors that have a sturdy look present a good deterrent to criminals. They are made from sturdier materials, such as fiberglass and metal, which make them much harder to break into than traditional wood or vinyl doors. Many modern replacement doors also have additional security features that can be added, including a deadbolt and door chain to support the lock.

Another way to improve your home’s security is to replace the doorframe with fresh lumber. Many homeowners choose to do this during a home remodel, replacing soft and decaying wood with pressure-treated stock. This is a great improvement to your home’s overall security, and it’s a relatively cheap option that’s easy to complete yourself.

Alternatively, you can opt to purchase a kit from the hardware store to improve the security of your current doorframe. These kits include a reinforcement piece that makes it harder to wrench the doorframe open, and they often have improved strike plates that make it more difficult for a criminal to jimmy open the deadbolt. They also include hinge guards, which prevent the door from ripping open if it’s forced.

Finally, you can opt to add a layer of protective film to your windows and glass doors. Available in clear or translucent frosted styles, this film acts like the anti-shatter coating on automobile windows. If a criminal tries to smash the glass, it will shatter but not fall into sharp pieces. This will prevent injuries and may cause the criminal to retreat from your property.

Besides improving your home’s security, new replacement doors are easier to keep clean. They can be cleaned with a hose or a power washer without any need for sanding or scrubbing, making them more hygienic than your old, dirty doorframe. You should also rekey your locks if there have been big changes to your household in order to ensure that nobody else has access to your house, and it’s always a good idea to replace keys periodically so you can tell who has a copy of your keys.